April 2, 2023

Part 107

The first 2 weeks of the new Part 107 test’s results are stunning.

Over 5,000 drone operators took the part 107 test in the first 15 days; compared with just over 9,000 manned aircraft tests in the entire year of 2015.   In the infographic below, Rupprecht crunches the numbers on the test; current applications for certificates; and airspace authorization requests.

Rupprecht says that the statistics show that the test is in line with other airman knowledge tests – the pass rate is approximately the same – and that the TSA is keeping up with background checks, processing over 8,000 in the last two weeks.

The waiver process, however, appears to be moving more slowly – the 79 waivers already granted would seem to be conversions of Section 333 waivers.

Part 107