March 26, 2023
shane haumpton

Have you already heard about the Hover Camera? This self-flying drone follows you around everywhere and takes your selfies. Sounds cool, right? But quality aerial photography equipment can take just as amazing drone selfies or dronies like the ones featured in this series:

Excited to take your own dronies? Make them awesome by keeping in mind these five tips:

1. Master Flying Your Drone with a Camera

Before you start taking dronies, learn how to control your drone first. Practice sweeping your drone in and out in figure-eights until you’re confident enough to do it smoothly and steadily, as recommended by Amit Gupta in his drone selfie lesson with the New York Times. Then gradually progress to flying it around you while the camera stays focused on you.

2. Snap and Snap Until You Succeed

cool dronies

Photo by ThoroughlyReviewed / CC BY 2.0

You know how difficult it is to capture great selfies with a smartphone? Well, taking dronies is even more challenging, especially on your first few attempts.

But don’t be discouraged—just keep on shooting. Take lots of pictures at various angles. This will give you more shots to choose from, and chances are you’ll find one or two that are worth sharing.

3. Wear Something That Will Make You Stand Out

cool dronies photo

Photo by Ron Frazier / CC BY 2.0

Avoid blending in with your location by planning out your outfit for the shoot ahead of time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fashionable, but it does have to be in colors that contrast with your background. This will make you more visible in your dronies.

4. Shoot in a Unique Location

shooting with a drone

Photo by ThoroughlyReviewed / CC BY 2.0

One of the best things about shooting with a drone is that it gives your audience a different perspective of your location. Wow your audience further by taking your dronies in places that look stunning from an aerial view.

5. Avoid Shooting in Bad Weather

dronie photo

Good weather makes for great aerial photos and videos. The colors pop up better due to the gentle sunlight, and the clear blue sky makes an excellent background.

Conversely, nothing ruins a dronie more than terrible weather. So before you head out to shoot, make sure you check the weather forecast for chances of rain anytime of the day.

Aside from making it difficult to control the drone, rains can cause moisture buildup inside the device and its eventual damage.

Strong winds may also cause your device to get lost once you lose track of its location and controls. Yes, you may have drone tracker installed in it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Taking drone selfies is tricky, especially when you’re just starting out, but if you apply these tips, you’ll soon find yourself doing it effortlessly.

Have you tried taking dronies? How was your experience? Share your story in the comments below!

shane haumpton
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