December 4, 2022


40 years ago, some of the most revolutionary and well-crafted toys ever hit the shelves, and the landscape of movie memorabilia in the form of flying ships changed forever. As soon as young (and old) hands nationwide played with the original “Star Wars” line of ships and action figures, the bar was set for the future, and many hours spent in glee re-creating battles took place in bedrooms and basements worldwide.
The Millennium Falcon, Death Star, X-Wing Fighters, Land speeders, and AT-AT walkers were some of the coolest toys ever, and the sales numbers proved it. Details on the outer hulls were striking, action sets like the Death Star had multiple levels of excitement, and the characteristics of the ships really brought to life what was depicted on the screen, where Lucas had created a stunning and visceral lifelong masterpiece.
During the late 1970’s, many fine-tuned imaginations no doubt wondered just how cool things could be if the ships they were playing with were remote control drones. As many happy futurists across the globe played with Tie Fighters and Cloud Cars, there were always a few of us who dreamed of just how awesome things could become if our hands were unattached to the ship for just a few glorious moments. With the release of the new installment of “Star Wars” films last year, moviegoers happily realized that this was not a simple re-boot, and the depth and vigor of all the original series was finely woven as it needed to be into the plot.

Here today we will take a look at some of the drones available for sale this year: “Rogue One” hit the screens blazing a month ago, and we wanted to cover all of the options available for purchase. An entire realm of possibilities and ways to have fun was released over the year, and the choices are many for those wishing to own their very own Star Wars drone.


1. X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter Remote Control Battle Set

This is a pretty cool offering from the multitude of what’s available out there from the new Star Wars product line. These fly on 4-channel control, and use 2.4 GHz communication to fly up to a 200ft. Range.


Flying these requires 12 x AA batteries, which are not included. One highlight is the appearance of the Tie-Fighter: the sides are a hollowed-out type of mesh, and look pretty cool and true to the film. These are not long-range vehicles like anything from the DJI Phantom product line, but will still be pretty fun to fly around the house, and re-live your favorite battle scenes.



2. Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone

This is the remote control classic that for many movie viewers was the vehicle that stole the show. It gets high marks from hobbyists for its detail, and the 6-axis gyro can be used to pilot the drone up to 250 ft. away.


This drone is much larger than most expect, and requires minimal assembly. Han Solo and Chewbacca can be seen right inside the cockpit, and there are some really cool sound effects. The flagship vehicle of the series that is a rickety old one flown by a smuggler, one of the reasons this is so awesome is because it was seen blasting through meteor showers fervently, and escaping from the dark side’s wrath daily.



3. Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Quadcopter Drone by Propel

This is a fun drone in the larger category that has reverse propulsion design, and can reach speeds up to 35mph. Pilots will love the feature that allows it to do barrel rolls at the push of a button, and does not require FAA registration before hitting the skies.


This one has auto takeoff and landing features, and will offer many hours of fun for any pilot. In the very first “Star Wars” film, these were the vessels that were flown to defeat the original Death Star, and pilots of all ages will love having their very own large X-wing on hand.




4. Star Wars Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter Quadcopter Drone by Propel

This is the larger version of the trademarked vessel from the Dark Side. It reaches speeds up to 35 MPH, and spare blades are included. You can battle with up to 12 other quads at once, and there is a safer-to-fly beginner mode that you can use during learning.


Trim control, auto calibration, and authentic movie sound playback all make this quad extra awesome, and included is a USB charging cable for collector box. The design has a bit more depth than the original Tie-fighter from the old school movies, and will surely be a sinister contender for anyone using the force in the drone world over the coming year.



5. Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike Quadcopter Drone


This is a revamping of a classic vehicle that was first depicted in the 1983 installment “Return of the Jedi”. These would speed precariously through the trees, and were the prime means of transportation for those on the planet Endor, where the lovable Ewoks reside.


This drone has 3 difficulty levels for optimum learning, and the pilot can maneuver into sidewinder barrel rolls with just the push of a button. Those who are fans of other futuristic action models such as the lightcycle from “Tron” will enjoy owning a speeder bike for a drone: even though they are not outer-space vessels such as the X-wing, they still have a high wow factor as we remember them careening wildly through the trees.



6. Air Hog Star Wars Remote Control Star Destroyer Drone

This is the smaller version of the 250-ft. Range, 2.4 GHz remote control symbol of the Empire. This contains a lithium ion battery-type, and pilots of all ages will love the vaguely PS4- Xbox style controller.


One of the first ships seen in the original series, you get a very menacing view from below as this passes over a designated dark spot in the universe. The detailing is extra-awesome on this ship, and may will love playing a role from the darkside as their choice of pilot.



Many of the drones we have shown here have similarities, but for the most part, you are choosing from a large or more miniature-scaled Star Wars drone. As the winter months are upon much of the nation, the smaller versions of drones may be the most fun to use indoors, but the large-scale Millennium Falcon has gleaned many positive reviews and seems to have taken the cake nationally as far as what Star pilots really want as their first choice.


Whichever one you choose, these are fun enough that you may want to immediately add to your collection so you can “Battle” each other. Some are still lamenting that these are a bit loud, but for what they do, it’s a pretty small trade-off to have an element of “The Force” literally in the palm of your hand.