February 4, 2023

2017 has already given us enough non-advocacy from “animal rights protector” to the end of our lives. Underground activity, “Witness” in the slaughter-trucks of animals, the new “Humanitarian Certification” seal of approval, we have not even in February.

This latest development – the weekly report on farmers has taken a whole new level. They have been on the ground, they have been underground, and now, “Activist” is airborne using drone.

Why? We are not sure. They are either RC racing enthusiasts who are terrible navigators, who eventually end up in the wrong field, or they “animal advocates” deceived by the mainstream “animal movement” to believe that “exposing cruelty” is an effective form of exercise. Unfortunately, I think this is a misunderstanding that involves an RCdrone contest, which is “Animal Action” in the 21st century. This means that the most weird and counterproductive thoughts you can think of might be and still praise it as long as you do the “animal.”

Drone or “aircraft” has flown to a pig farm in Nottinghamshire, England, allegedly “gathering information.” Unless you intend to perpetuate welfarist that it is not using animals, it presents us with a moral issue – this is just how to treat The process we use them – it’s just an exercise to add further torture and stress to the already painful pig life.

People do not need to show how animals usually treat – as economic commodities necessarily involve treatment we will consider torturing human contexts – in order to educate them about why we should not use animals as resources in the first place. Focusing on treatments only lasts for the 19th century False that animals do not care how we use and kill them, they only care how to treat.

These mini drones are a continuation of species discrimination in the 19th century, assuring the public that animals should be the only moral caring and do not care about their lives as long as they are not “abused.” For those who control these vehicles, I recommend taking the unmanned racing as a hobby , Rather than maintaining the system of oppression, leading to normal animal exploitation.