March 24, 2023
Agriculture Drone

The agricultural UAV business will generate a healthy cash crop over the next four years, according to a recent market report.

Zion Research released the “Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market: A Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Scale, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecasts, 2015-2021.

Covering fixed-and-rotating UAVs and other fields as well as data management, imaging software and data analysis, reports the Precision Agriculture Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market at $ 2.9 billion to 2021-28% in 2015 valued at $ 673 million

“UAVs help farmers better care for their crops and higher yields from farms,” ​​the report noted. “Increased automation in agricultural processes – due to the labor crisis such as aging lack of skilled farmers and farmers – is also expected to have a positive impact on agricultural UAV market growth.”

The report points out that several well-known companies, as well as new start-up companies, have soared to precise air-farm market leadership positions including Boeing, Reuters, Tempo, DroneDeploy, AgEagle, AeroVironment Agribotix.

Because UAVs provide bird’s-eye view capability, they can carry a variety of sensor arrays, such as LIDAR, IR, HD camcorders, farmer queuing drones and investment analysis software that can compress tons of data from a single mission.

Access to accurate data means that farmers can effectively identify threats such as pests, drought damage, plant diseases and other crop-health problems.

For example, AeroVironment recently worked with the Fresno State University College of Agricultural Science and Technology to investigate and analyze water stress levels in California almonds using UAVs.

Investors began to blossom ag) sector’s attention. Last December, the US venture capital commercial UAV fund infused a secret map of the Raptor in precision agriculture investment company UAVs.

“Early adopters of agricultural commercial UAV technology, with several companies now offering products to monitor crops,” fund developer John Kolaczynski told DRONELIFE. “The impression that we Raptor Map products collect a lot of data, summed down, and related operations, growers can be based on the season, we have not seen in other UAV products.