March 26, 2023

In a country as big as China, it isn’t difficult to find amazing places to get aerial footage. In the two years that I have been living in Beijing I have had the opportunity to film in the “Avatar” mountains (Zhangjiajie), Tibetan Plateau ( Jiuzhaigou), Shangri-La in Yunnan, and of course the Great Wall (still working on the clip).


One of the things that makes it easy to fly a drone is how relatively unrestricted UAV regulations are in China. In all the national parks I have been so far, flying a drone is allowed.

I remember two years ago when filming at Zhangjiajie, my drone (Phantom 3 Professional) itself got a lot of attention. Lots of curious people would gather around it before taking off, and around me when I was with the remote controller.

Two weeks ago when flying it at Shangri-La, my drone and I were no longer a novelty. It was normal to see more drones flying around in the same area with me. Most of them were new Mavic owners eager to get photos from the sky.

This area is simply sublime for video a photos. You get the Tibetan landscape in the peaks around and all the different lakes. I was lucky enough to have good weather during my stay, although if you get some mist and low clouds, you will capture better the mystiques and remoteness of the place.