March 26, 2023
DJI Phantom 4

CUSTOM REMOTE has the world’s most advanced remote access by FireBridge ™ technology, Guranteed, more secure and better signal coverage, better penetration of trees and Guranteed 720P video quality in the most unfavorable conditions, even low altitudes. In the United States design, manufacture and assembly. It also has 2 additional batteries (3 in total), which can fly up to 84 minutes, but without worrying about battery problems, Thor Electric Super Charge Station charges three batteries simultaneously and 4 times faster remotely.

The carbon fiber propeller has a 50% lighter mounting hub for faster acceleration and top speed (5-10 miles faster and a record breaking speed of 68 miles per hour). Use tested and modified robust self-tightening adapters. Its lens filter is exclusive to the Drone world brand “L Series” advanced lens filter kit with bag. Industry-first tunable ND2-400 filter and polarizer filter using ultra-high-definition glass and 12 films with amazing film quality Film in the brightest conditions.

It also has 64gb 95 / Mbs with the new U3 rating of today’s 4K media’s top memory card, twice the UAV’s Lexar card’s cycle life. Including the ultra-fast USB 3.0 card reader. Record 3-4 hours of video.

Portable 10,400Mah battery (2x UAV battery size), re-charge your tablet / phone, TrackiMo or free small UAVs on the go. Two ports: 2.1v port (for tablet PCs) and 1v port for mobile phones and other small devices. MCustom 1Ft perfect length length, remove messy. Rugged aluminum connectors, durable braided cables, are fully certified by Apple MFI (no more “unsupported device errors”).

TrackiMo GPS tracking device can never release your UAV!