April 2, 2023
Air Hogs RC Helicopters

Air Hogs RC Helicopters are likely the first name many people associate with toy remote control helicopters. This is because almost all of the toys, department stores and big boxes carry them, so they get more “face to face” exposure than any other toy helicopter brand. Not to mention, quite decent TV ads are exposed at specific times.

This doesn’t mean they are the best toy helicopters on the market, but they are not bad either. Most are decent, easy to find, little indoor toy helicopters.

If you just want to get yourself, or your child a simple RC heli to start with; there is no doubt one of Air Hogs RC helicopters or quad-copters will likely be an okay choice as they have a really good variety to choose from based on skill level, features, and budget.

Air Hogs is just one product line of the Spin Master toy company. You therefore will also find Air Hogs called Spin Master Helicopters & Quads while looking for/at them.

Air Hogs represent Spin Master’s remote controlled vehicle lineup including both ground and air vehicles. Since this is an RC helicopter website, we will take a closer look at their aircraft that have the ability to hover, and my general impression on each model listed.