March 26, 2023

Sometimes it’s really like a fairy tale – and saying with the “Virgin” and the “child” is gaining reality. From our history at the Niederrhein Helidays has in September 2015. The Los after drag race fell on our authors Rüdiger Hut – and so he received from Markus Fieh, product manager of the company CORE Helicopter, a voucher for the helicopter CORE 700th Here he describes his experience in terms of building and flying.

Markus Fiehn responsible not only as a developer at CORE Helicopter, but manages also the troops surrounding the CORE-promotion team. In RC-Heli-Action  there is an interview with him in which many technical features of the CORE Heli-system are explained and demonstrated. CORE Helicopter is a newly formed subsidiary of company Karcher AG. But first sequentially.