March 24, 2023


The second annual InterDrone International Drone Conference and Exposition opened with a large crowd.


Wally Zeng, CEO of Powervision was on center stage to introduce two new exciting products. The PowerEgg which we reported on in a First Look in July is a family flying camera which is easy to use and transport.  The PowerEye is Powervision’s prosumer/commercial drone with impressive functionality and industry-leading portability. The PowerEye will be available with two camera options: A 4K UHD camera (supports interchangeable lenses) and a dual camera system.


Yuneec continued with their delivery of innovation drone products with an introduction of the consumer-focused Breeze drone. Product manager Trent Siggard walked us through this new consumer drone which they are calling  “the ultimate flying camera.”  The Breeze will be available at BestBuy and Amazon later this month at a $499 price tag.

Jeff Fassbinder, Yuneec’s Director of Marketing showed us the Typhoon H (formally the Typhoon PRO with Intel RealSense Technology), Yuneec’s commercial drone entry.  Suggested Retail Price: $1900 with RealSense and $1299 without RealSense.


IFLY – The first ETF focused on the emerging commercial drone market, The PureFunds Drone Economy Strategy ETF booth had plenty of traffic as conference attendees learned both about ETFs and the IFLY product.

IFLY “provides an instrument for investing in this omnipresent technology segment. News coverage of this new technology has been largely dominated by articles and features on the growth in the recreational use of drones by consumers and enthusiasts. However, in parallel with this there have been a number of innovative developments from hardware and software companies ranging from well-funded start-ups to established Fortune 500 firms that together are forming an exciting enterprise ecosystem of drone solutions that address the needs of a substantial list of clients in the agriculture, construction, real estate, energy, media, and government markets.”