April 2, 2023


Last week was the DJI 1oth anniversary celebration.

DJI press announcement, “pays homage to the revolution DJI touched off a decade ago.”   It is certainly full of absolutely breathtaking images, inspiring to all drone operators – and anyone else who appreciates the ability to see the world from a drone’s eye view.

The company says that the book is a centerpiece of DJI’s 10 year anniversary campaign, which is focused on Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration: celebrating DJI’s technology, artistic impact, and focus on the humanitarian uses of drones.

DJI Book

“After 10 years of hard work, we’ve learned that success does not go to glad-handers or opportunists.

It goes to those who keep their feet on the ground, have a strong vision, and work tirelessly toward achieving their goal. These are the people who ultimately spark change that has a tangible impact,” said Frank Wang, Founder and CEO of DJI, during the interview for the book. “This belief is what pushed us to create an industry that lets people see their world from a completely new perspective.”

The book will be available at the DJI Online Store and authorized dealers from late October. DJI’s anniversary campaign will feature events like New Pilot Experience ™ and DJI workshop: Moving with Cameras ™ in different regions, and online photo contests through the end of 2016.