March 26, 2023
DJI Circle repairs

Are you a DJI pilot looking for personalized technical support, increased coverage for repairs and access to premium services? You probably know that those things don’t come with DJI Care, the standard level of insurance offered by the Chinese drone manufacturer. But they do all come with DJI Circle, the new and exclusive care plan for professionals.

DJI Circle is the company’s attempt to provide an extra layer of service to aerial photography pioneers and pilots or teams of pilots that rely on multiple DJI products at a time.

DJI Circle repairs

Are your drones in for repair? DJI Circle gives pilots access to all the kit they need to get the job done.

The premium package contains the following services:

  • VIP Concierge – Easy access to your own dedicated drone concierge. Simply call and let your assistant guide you and resolve concerns remotely. DJI has said that their VIP concierges will also offer previews of new products, the opportunity to network with industry experts and invites to exclusive events.
  • Accident Repair
  • Battery Rental – Got a big project or day of filming planned? DJI Circle members will have access to a free delivery of rental batteries in selected countries and regions.
  • Global SOS Plan & Air Travel Coverage – This is essentially travel insurance for adventurous photographers. The Global SOS Plan gives pilots access to emergency services, including medical rescue, emergency evacuation, a family visit and more. Comprehensive coverage of damages incurred during air travel is also included.
  • VIP Lounge Access – Feeling like a boss with your fleet of DJI drones? DJI Circle also gives members free access to VIP lounges in over 500 airports worldwide. Because why not.
  • Device Backup – DJI’s exclusive device backup service gives you all the equipment you need to get on with the job while you’re waiting for drones to be returned from repairs.

How much does DJI Circle cost?

DJI Circle membership costs $4,699. This covers 5 DJI products and includes an unlimited number of repairs. The total claims coverage is limited to $15,000.

Although DJI has said that Circle is an exclusive invite-only program, interested parties can email their intent to [email protected]

If you’re looking for more information, head over to the official DJI Circle website.