April 2, 2023

Known for excellence and supreme quality in the field of commercial drone making, DJI Phantom is a model that has set the standard for drones the world over. From intuitive functionality to exceptional responsiveness not to forget camera quality (detailed below), the Professional drone is set to take flyers by shock and awe.

DJI Phantom

  • Flight freedom is yours to claim. At the press of a button the Professional will ‘Return To Home’, specifically the point you inputted for it to return to, which is most often where it took off. This is an unmatched safety feature in case the drone flies out of control range.
  • It auto-hovers in place after takeoff, awaiting your every control input. While it may behave intuitively it will never do something it is not told.
  • Excellence takes the form of 4K HD video quality and 12-megapixel photo capture capability. The sheer perspectives you can shoot with the DJI Phantom is unparalleled.
  • The 3-axis gimbal holding the camera to the drone is a superb piece of engineering, granting your drone enviable stability in flight; no more shaky footage.
  • Link up your mobile device using the exclusive DJI Pilot app. All flight stats are recorded here and you also have a flight simulator to hone your drone skills.
  • HD streaming at 720p is a possibility indeed. You can even live-stream to your YouTube channel, if you like. Tapping into an exclusive Phantom WiFi network means you get no lag while using the app to control all functions of your Professional drone.
  • The motors are highly responsive, needless to mention powerful. Not only can the Phantom fly at speed it can even follow you using the GPS on your phone (that is on your person at the time); imagine the kind of videos you can capture with this option.
  • The motors turn at high speeds but controllably, thanks to curved DJI electromagnets. The magnetic force also enhances durability.
  • The remote control is crafted especially for the Phantom. From toggles and buttons to dials, you have a non-complicated user interface, a mobile-holder clamp, and a built-in rechargeable battery. With a 0.62-mile (1km) control range, you can certainly appreciate the range-radius of the DJI Phantom.

The app needs a few more mentions, like how its video editor can help you create a movie in seconds worthy of uploading to your favorite social media. All logs and video telemetry are recorded and you also have live map features to take advantage of.

The DJI Professional drone is a force to reckon with.


  • Camera system can upgrade since GoPro or higher.
  • Protune is available to get a higher bitrate for more control.
  • GoPro is flexible to use or remove (can use another devices if you want).
  • Flying blind will train for you a flying skills to understand more about your environment.
  • Remote is smaller, more useful, comfortable to control and don’t have bulky attachment.
  • Can upgrade with Lightbridge to have the same feeling with the Phantom 2 Vision+ with the GoPro but that’s not need because their cost.


  • If you’re a beginner, it’s too difficult to control because it’s for Professional who have a good cinematography techniques.
  • GoPro Wifi only suitable for short distances. That is the same with GoPro will be useless for video transmission.
  • Result of GoPro can be distortion when take on ultra wide areas with wide settings. (But it can be corrected easily by using some professional editting tools.)
  • Cannot recording, video capture, or change settings when flying without because it must return the drone home.

Color White
Zoom 3x
Flash Memory Micro SD
Flash Type None
Item Dimensions 8 x 13 x 18 inches
Item Weight 9.2 pounds
Lithium Battery Energy 68.1 Watt Hours
Lithium Battery Voltage 15.2 Volts
Lithium Battery Weight 5.4 grams
Maximum Focal Length 20
Minimum Focal Length 20
Optical Sensor CMOS
Optical Zoom 1x
Package Quantity 1
Shipping Weight 9.25 pounds
Video Capture Resolution 4k, HD

DJI Phantom 3 – Drone for Professional Drones Review 8.4Total Score

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