April 2, 2023
DJI's Michael Perry

DJI's Michael PerryThe Roswell Test Flight Crew met with several companies while attending Xponential in Dallas a couple months ago. In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Michael Perry, the director of strategic partnerships for DJI about the company’s newly released DJI Goggles. The goggles incorporate two full HD screens at 1920×1080 pixels – one for each eye – as well as a touchpad to control auxiliary aircraft functions, such as camera settings. The adjustable, rigid headband, designed to distribute the weight of the goggles, also incorporates the battery, which can be changed in the field for extended flight operations. When flying with a DJI Mavic, the goggles connect wirelessly to the drone using DJI’s OcuSync technology. The goggles are also compatible with other models, such as the Phantom and Inspire, using a wired connection through the HDMI port. While flying the Mavic, the user is also able to control the camera gimbal’s pitch and yaw through head movements. The DJI Goggles can also do double-duty as a personal theater system, playing back video through the HDMI connector, as well as audio through the included headphone jack.