April 2, 2023


In recent news, just before New Year Celebrations began a drone crashed into the top of the Seattle Space Needle. The drone was hovering above as two workers were preparing for the New Year’s Eve fireworks display. They said that it was hovering and suddenly lurched forward and crashed into the building.
A thirteen-year-old boy was an eyewitness to the crash. He said that it came very close to him and that he thought that it was going to hit him. He said it charged at the building all of the sudden without warning. The workers had quite a scare too. Although there was no damage to the building, charges may be filed against the owner of the drone.

The Space Needle Management initially went to the FAA regarding the incident but they were instructed to go to the local authorities first to file a complaint against the owner. The owner was not identified for a few days but was tracked by the serial number of the drone. Drones must be registered in order to be flown legally. The owner’s information must be uploaded and linked to the particular device. This incident is just an example of why this law is in place. It is designed to protect civilians and to help track down anyone that is being reckless with a drone or participating in illegal activities.

The president of the Space Needle and CEO Ron Sevart joked that the drone tractor beam that they had installed was working great. Although he is treating the situation with humor this is still a serious matter. Drones that crash can harm bystanders with debris. Anyone that is thought to be operating a drone recklessly can be help on charges. The maximum charges for anyone convicted of recklessly operating a drone include a maximum prison sentence of 364 days as well as a five thousand dollar fine.


People in Seattle are treating the situation with a light heart but there still may be consequences for the owner because someone may have been injured and setting an example would deter others from trying to fly their drones in spaces where people could be injured. Police are still investigating the incident and did not have any further information to report.

This is just one example of a drone crashing in a public place. Drones are everywhere now and occurrences just like this one are becoming more commonplace than ever before. The government has set strict registration guidelines and have outlined rule and regulations that govern the use of drones. In some more minor incidents, drone crashes can be fined for around $1200 per public incident. Many people protest those fines but they are designed to prevent people from operating them without caution. A drone can explode upon impact in some cases and could send debris flying in all directions. There have been people that have been seriously injured in some cases.

Drone flying for children has been highly discouraged because children are more likely to crash them or loose control over their operation. If you are planning on purchasing a drone you should keep in mind that you must be very careful during the operation of these devices. If you are going to fly them with your family you should make sure that you pay special attention to how close people are to the device. Never fly your drone around aircraft, buildings, traffic, or dense clusters of people.

Always make sure that you are in a large and open area that does not have many trees or power lines. If your drone gets caught in the power line it can cause an explosion or even a fire. Don’t fly your drone where there are a lot of cars because the drone could malfunction and crash into some of the vehicles in the area which can prove to be extremely hazardous. Be sure that young children are not operating the drone. Many feel that a drone is a toy but it is not suitable for children to fly. Always make sure that an adult is operating the drone away from a crowded area.

Drone sales are up and many people just received these items for Christmas and that means that the likelihood of incidents like this is going to increase. It is important to know where and when it is suitable to fly the device. Make sure to stay away from buildings, especially ones that have a heavy amount of foot traffic. Drones can and will malfunction so you must always keep that in mind and avoid creating any tragic or dangerous situations when operating them. Use common sense and be sure to properly register your device before you fly it. Be sure that you inspect the device for flaws or damage before each outing and do so each time.