March 24, 2023

DRONE VOLT, Conducted in France, is to introduce their new service UAV lineup at CES (Booth 25246 at the Las Vegas Convention Center). UAV V design, development and production of a series of new multirotor professional UAV after more than a year of development. Products will include unmanned aircraft ready for use in cinemas using virtual reality, agriculture, 3D mapping, data collection, construction and security.

Key to these offerings is DRONE VOLT introduction of HERCULES, a flying platform that is:

  • modular
  • a heavy-lift flying system
  • highly customizable and programmable
  • designed for professional industrial applications and aerial photography.

The HERCULES platform is available in 3 versions: The 5K, 10K and 20K models.

Cinema and Virtual Reality

  • JANUS 360 VR  – this is the successor to the JANUS 360 Platform. This new version has  improved gimbal stabilization and high performance rigs that allow for easier and faster stitching during the video editing process.
  • JANUS VR-BOT – the JANUS VR-BOT is a radio-controlled platform for 360 degree video content creation at eye level. It’s  intended for the real estate sector, tourism and for the virtual visit and/or augmented reality use in museums, hotels and tourist sites and for the VR Gaming industry.

Agriculture, 3D Mapping and Data Collection

  • HERCULES 20 SPRAYER DRONE Used for crop spraying, this new version is a high-performance programmable spray Drone with an avoidance system. This highly customizable and programmable drone has a smart autopilot to perform its missions and has 2 “solution-spreading” arms.
  • DV WING DRONE VOLT is becoming a major player in fixed wing drones that map and collect data. DV WING is intended for missions such as photogrammetry, map analysis for farming areas and forests, as well as measurements for road construction.


  • HERCULES 10 – High-pressure sprayer drone In order to meet the growing demand from international construction & painting companies, DRONE VOLT has developed a high-pressure drone spray that can be used for high-pressure liquid spraying and painting.


  • HERCULES UF (Unlimited Flight) The HERCULES UF (Unlimited Flight) is capable of continuous area and event surveillance where security is a priority. The HERCULES UF is not only an autonomous monitoring station but also a drone capable of 24 hour, stationary flight with its external, high-voltage power line.