March 26, 2023
droneshied dronesentry

droneshied dronesentryA rising star in the drone-mitigation game is launching a new product that offers a one-two punch when it comes to deterring and defeating rogue drones.

On Monday, American-Australian startup DroneShield announced production of DroneSentry, a “multi-method drone detection [system] that integrates radar, radio frequency, acoustic, thermal and optical (with a range extender) sensor detection.”

In addition to detecting unauthorized drones that could wreak havoc on airports or military installations, DroneSentry uses radio-frequency jamming technology to knock errant UAVs from the skies; however, the device is only for sale in regions that allow deployment of jamming devices. “This integrated detect-and-defeat functionality can be deployed either via a ‘man in the loop’ function or in the automatic mode,” a DroneShield spokesperson stated in a press release.

The multi-sensor array can be mounted on an aerial pole structure to produce an “anti-drone” zone around a specific perimeter. For clients operating in areas that outlaw jamming, the company offers DroneSentinel – essentially the same product as DroneSentry, minus the jamming tech.

Both devices are modular and users can combine sensors such as radar, Rf-frequency detection, thermal cameras, optical cameras and acoustic detectors to customize specific types of arrays.

In February, DroneShield closed a deal to provide its DroneGun tactical drone jammer to an undisclosed Middle Eastern country the company says is “closely allied with the Western countries.” Earlier that month, Swiss police deployed the DroneGun at the World Economic Forum in Davos to neutralize potentially rogue drones. The “gun” is a signal-killing device that can drop errant drones and block video signals from their cameras.

A recent study predicts the drone mitigation (or anti-drone) market will to grow to a billion-dollar industry within six years with predicted compound annual growth rate of 23.89 percent across 2017-22.

In May, California-based WhiteFox Defense Technologies successfully tested a new anti-drone device at the Xponential Trade Show in Dallas.  The DroneFox, detects, identifies, and mitigates drones across several miles.

Draganfly Innovations, a drone-manufacturing subsidiary of TRACE Live Network, has joined forces with Oregon-based anti-drone maker Radio Hill Technologies to smack down bad-boy UAVs. Using Radio Hill’s Block 3 Dronebuster hand-held counter-drone detection and jamming system, a user can send a bad-boy drone packing while also initiating the launch of a Draganflyer drone to pursue the miscreant back to home base to capture video and photo imagery as well as GPS data that can be used later for possible prosecution.