March 24, 2023
FPV Drones

Not all drone carry bombs, spy on terrorists or shoot beautiful scenery photos.

Some just fast – up to 130 kilometers per hour – put your pilots seat.

These drone – or, more precisely, multi-rotor helicopters – transmit video from a small camera. The signal is picked up by a group of wireless glasses you wear when you racing.

These are known as FPV drone, combined with virtual reality and cutting-edge multi-rotor flight technology, which enables you to feel like you are soaring past the birds next to the trees or when you are sitting on a lawn chair.

Co-founder David Cormier and Dillon Nord FPV Ottawa – a business / community building organization is seeking to teach FPV drone not only to more people, but plans to organize a professional team that can compete around the world.

“Feeling like an adrenaline movement is no risk,” said the North FPV unmanned racing car. “It’s like a real game.”

The North has entered the hobby to see some of the videos on the FPV YouTube video drone.

Cormier, on the other hand, into the hobby industry. He started FPV Otto about four years ago in order to open a photography drone store, but now the business focused on FPVdrone racing and education.

Organization of interest growth, but hope to introduce more people to hobby.

In addition to providing outdoor and indoor tracking, Canadian and airport traffic regulations, FPV Ottawa is about to start classes, students actually build their own drone.

For those already involved in the sport, FPV Ottawa is planning to compete this spring and will create a four- to five-man team that sponsors national and international competition.