March 26, 2023

Summary : The Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM Quadcopter is a good choice for a new flyer that wants a quadcopter with a built-in camera. It can be a fun experience for RC quadcopter enthusiasts, however the unit is a bit overpriced compared to other competing models.

Pros: Stable and easy to fly.  The 1SQ is easy to fly for beginners, but also has expert modes for more experienced quad pilots.  The unit includes a number of preprogrammed “trick” features that include various flips and also a built in camera and included microSD card.

Cons: The camera’s image quality which is really sub-par for todays technology and compared with other quadcopters with cameras.  Battery life for the unit is pretty poor, lasting on 5-10 minutes on a charge.  The unit takes about 20 minutes to recharge.


Heli Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter Review

Hobbico is the largest distributor of high end radio controlled RC copters in the United States. In recent years, the company has produced a good share of innovative vehicles.  Thus, there’s always visible noise in the market when Hobbico releases a new product.

Recently, the company released a new quadcopter that features an on-board camera and self-stabilization system, the Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter.  This is an upgraded model of the Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter, we’ve previously reviewed.


The RTF model from the company is quite affordable. It comes with everything an enthusiast needs to get the vehicle into the air, including a high end radio transmitter. The transmitter comes linked and programmed to the quadcopter right out of the box. The company even offers a Tx-R or Transmitter Ready version.  This allows another transmitter to be used with the Heli Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter.

Hobbico has included a screwdriver in the box.  When you first see it, you think the setup might be complicated. However, it’s very easy.  You just need to charge the batteries, and fit them into appropriate places. The transmitter of the device uses 4 AAA batteries. The Li-Po battery easily slides into a standard compartment on the product’s underside. Once you connect the battery cable and turn on radio controls, you can see a red light on the device. This means the quadcopter is ready to fly.

According to the company, the Heli Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter is even suitable for novice and beginner pilots. However, if you’re new to flying RC helicopters, you should first fly it indoors. Once you’re used to the controls, you can take it outside. One of the best features of the device is the TAGS FX Sensor-Fusion Stabilization System. Due to this, the quadcopter calibrates itself after sitting idle on a flat surface for a few seconds.

Once the quadcopter is flying, this system uses a 3 Axis accelerometer and 3 Axis Gyro to keep the device centered and level. When you are flying the copter, it won’t drift to the side. You will be impressed by the stability of the quadcopter.  According to the instructional manual, you don’t have to correct the trim. You will have a delightful flight experience.

One of the unique features of this quadcopter is the miniature camera. The camera is located on the front of the quadcopter. This allows you to capture video and still images by pressing triggers on the transmitter. It’s worth mentioning that the camera does not have the greatest resolution, but still offers decent images and video. The images are also vibration free and the camera also records mono sound.  The images and video can be stored on an included microSD card.

Like on most personal drones, the transmitter can switch between two different modes. One mode is for aggressive flying, while the other is for smoother controls. According to most users, the aggressive settings work perfectly for experts. Your choice will depend on your skills and preferences. The quadcopter comes with other innovative features to enhance your flying experience.

What Will You Like?

The best part about the quadcopter is its stability. It is perfect for beginner and novice pilots. With the Auto Flip feature, the side to side flip, back to front flip and somersault front to back flip enhances your experience. You just need to push a button, and use the control stick. You can also record video and images with the digital camera. Last but not the least, the device comes with a 2 GB microSD card and USB card reader.

What You Might Not Like?

According to most customers, the only major problem with the device is the camera’s image quality. Since the resolution is not good, you may notice blurry images in low light.  Some people even think the quadcopter’s price is a little high. However, with it’s innovative features and excellent performance, we feel the price is reasonable.

The big concern for new quadcopter pilots is the 1SQ’s durability.  This is actually a pretty fragile quadcopter, and does not come with blade guards.  As a result, this quadcopter is not a good choice for inexperienced pilots.

The Verdict

Overall, you will be completely impressed with the performance, price and quality of the Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter. This quadcopter is a lot of fun.

With the stabilization, you won’t experience any problems flying the quadcopter.  Again, durability is a concern for new pilots.  Frequent crashes will tear the unit up to the point where it won’t fly.  You’ll only want to purchase the 1SQ if you have previous flying experience.