March 26, 2023

The InterDrone Trade Show taking place in Las Vegas.

FAA Administrator Huerta Kicks Off InterDrone

InterDroneFAA Administrator Michael Huerta delivered the grand opening keynote to thousands of attendees at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas this morning.  His speech was largely devoted to promoting collaboration between government and industry, and touting the new and more open regulations. Read more . . .

Parrot’s S.L.A.M. dunk Development Kit

Parrot S.L.A.M. DunkThis kit allows for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance indoor navigation and 3D mapping for drones and other robotic platforms in environments with multiple barriers and where GPS signals are not available. The technology, according to Parrot, enables the drone to understand and map its surroundings in 3D and to localise itself in environments with multiple barriers and where GPS signals are not available.


PowerVisionThe second annual InterDrone International Drone Conference and Exposition opened with a large crowd attending the Grand Opening Keynote Address where FAA Administrator Michael Huerta spoke of the state-of-the-state of commercial drone operation.  Conference attendees and exhibitors were both up in numbers by fifty percent from last year’s event and a persistent excitement and enthusiasm level was omnipresent at the conference.

PRODRONE Announces Drones with Enhanced Capabilities to Address Industrial Use

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 11.18.34 AMAt the InterDrone show in Las Vegas PRODRONE has introduced two drones for industrial use that have unique features for wide range of commercial tasks.They are the PRODRONE PD6B-AW-ARM and the PD6-CI-L.

DroneDeploy and Skyward Form Partnership to Streamline Enterprise Drone Operations

skyward dronedeployPart 107 has provided some relief to large enterprise looking to incorporate drone technology and the benefits it offers into their overall operations. But there are still hurdles. While the regulations themselves are less onerous; compliance with the regulations is challenging. Today at the InterDrone show Skyward announced a partnership with DroneDeploy.

Epson and DJI Partner to Create AR Smart Glasses for Piloting UAVs

Screen Shot Epson glassesEpson, providers of the Moverio® augmented reality (AR) smart eyewear platform, today announced a partnership with DJI, the world’s leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to create new solutions for the Epson Moverio smart glasses and DJI’s suite of products and software development kit (SDK) that enhance the safety, productivity and capabilities of UAVs for hobbyists and professionals alike.