April 2, 2023
Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Drones

As a support tool, these assets lead to faster and more effective interventions, providing enhanced situational information and providing direct support to the first respondent.

The use of other assets requires consideration of operational and ownership parameters. In other words, although unmanned aerial vehicles are very attractive and important for emergency and law enforcement activities

The requirements and activities associated with choosing and operating the right system for each mission, is a process requiring professional and well-trained man-power, in addition to owning the appropriate hardware and software.

Following issues have to addressed for each mission:

  • Mission mode, profile, plan
  • Operation mode for Drone and payload
  • Operator capabilities and skill level
  • Log book
  • Data storage and retrieval

As a result, the use of Drone Systems is limited to those that fully control and own the above-mentioned assets and skills.

Drone services companies can make life easier for every law enforcement and emergency agency by providing “Power by the Hour” services. The above-mentioned headaches will be handled by services company and the net data is provided in real-time to those that request it.