March 26, 2023

louisiana floodDrone Company is saving lives in Louisiana Flood .

Atmosphere Aerial, a drone photography company located in Louisiana, posted a message on their Facebook page last Sunday night.

We here at Atmosphere Aerial want to let everyone touched by the flood that our prayers go out to you. Our homes also have been affected by the flood. But we are asking that you send us locations that we need to fly over so we can help those in and from there. Please send us address and open roads to those locations to help us get there quickly and safely. The response to our post have been beyond what we expected and now we are looking to help more people with our drones. Please share this and help get the word out.
God Bless,
Paul and Josh

The post was shared over 800 times and quickly flooded with hundreds of comments from residents and family members in the affected areas, begging the photographers for footage of neighborhoods and buildings where they feared loved ones might be stranded.

The team has been working tirelessly since then, posting raw video footage of neighborhoods and streets for the community to see.  Desperate requests to check on buildings, animal shelters, senior communities, and cemeteries – where loose coffins have been seen floating down flooded streets – are being posted and responded to.  The company recently posted that it would compile the videos with date and time stamps for insurance purposes.

The Atmosphere Aerial drone team is providing an incredible service to community members hard hit by the devastating floods, many of whom have left heartfelt thank you’s on the page for keeping them out of harm’s way by showing flooded streets and for letting them know when relatives were safe.

You can see the videos posted on Atmosphere Aerial’s Facebook page.

DRONELIFE is proud to be part of the drone community – and sends our best wishes to the community in Louisiana and to the dedicated droners at Atmosphere Aerial.  Fly Safe!