March 24, 2023

DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturer, is partnering with professional travel photographer and videographer Elia Locardi to kick off the DJI Drone Photography Workshop world tour in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2017. Elia will take participants to some of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in the world to provide hands on experience with this emerging  photographic artform using DJI drones.

The workshops will cover using drones to shoot photos,  post-processing of shots, and safe piloting techniques using DJI quadcopters. As the official sponsor, DJI will provide workshop participants with complimentary access and exclusive discounts to the latest drone and imaging technology.

“We are very excited about this program because it will allow more people to experience the joy of flight while discovering some of the hidden gems around the world,” said Paul Moore, DJI’s Creative Director. “Learning how to fly with DJI’s aerial platforms has become much easier and intuitive, thanks to the on-board intelligence and safety features. Once users have mastered their flying skills, the natural progression is to perfect their camera work. The workshop is a great opportunity for participants to build on the fundamental techniques and open their eyes to a whole new world of creative possibilities.”

Each workshop is two and a half days, with the first one taking place in Lisbon, Portugal on May 19, followed by Menorca Island, Spain in June, Singapore in August, and U.S. and Switzerland in the latter half of 2017. They will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants, and registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. You can find more information and sign up here.

Locardi is a professional photographer who lives a mobile lifestyle, having visited more than 55 countries, flown over one million miles, and collaborated with dozens of brands, countries, and tourism agencies around the world. His work has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, CNET Australia, Fstoppers, and National Geographic.

Using a combination of traditional in-camera techniques, targeted times of day, and advanced post-processing methods, Elia has developed a widely recognized and highly unique style of photography. His goal is to share his vision so others can see the world as he does, full of color, texture, beauty, depth, and emotion. Elia has built a following of close to 3 million people across his Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Here is a promotional video:

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