December 4, 2022


Videographers and drone enthusiasts alike are celebrating the partnership between Seagate and DJI with a fantastic storage device that makes storing digital data on the fly a breeze. This new external hard drive with a micro SD slot gives drone lovers an amazing option for gathering the footage from their flights with ease. The first product from the Seagate and DJI partnership, the DJI Fly Drive, offers plenty of storage space with a design that withstands the impacts that are common when the drive is tossed into a travel bag. Made to become an active part of your drone equipment, this drive features an extremely durable outer shell and a sleek design that fits in the duffle bag outer pocket to make it easily accessible even when on the run.


The DJI Fly Drive features a storage capacity of 2TB that easily houses more than 60 hours of 4k video footage shot from your drone at 30fps. This means that saving that wedding footage or extending your flight time is as simple as transferring a micro SD card from the DJI Fly Drive to your Windows personal computer or Mac with USB 3.1 or with Thunderbolt 3. The drive is designed for use with DJI drones, but can also be used to back up photos and videos from any other type of drone, smartphone, or even action camera that uses a micro SD card for storage. Compatibility is a major improvement in the DJI Fly Drive, making it useful for the additional storage of video and still photos from a variety of video and photo components.

The DJI Fly Drive is ground-based, meaning that it does not connect to the drone while it is in the air. This makes the drive a simple addition to your video equipment without adding extra weight to the drone itself. The interior of the DJI Fly Drive contains a 2.5 inch BarraCuda drive that stores more than 250 flights when used in conjunction with the DJI Mavic Pro drone. The USB 3.1 cable provides an interface that connects to the USB 3.1 port in your Windows personal computer or the Thunderbolt 3 port in your Mac. The cable is stored inside of the DVI Fly Drive’s shock-proof case, keeping the transfer cable within easy reach as you pilot your drone over any type of terrain.

Easy to store and easy to use, the DVI Fly Drive combines portability with compact styling that makes it a top product for professional drone enthusiasts who have to capture an entire event without the hassle or worry of running out of video or photo storage. The purchase of the DVI Fly Drive includes two months of free access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing software to ensure that you have the tools on hand to edit your hours of video. Remove the video from your DVI drone or other compatible device, transfer it directly to the DVI Fly Drive, and head back out to capture the footage that you need to create the perfect drone video.

The DVI Fly Drive eliminates the need to carry any other video storage equipment with its integrated micro SD slot, so you can get rid of that collection of dongles that clutters your car or your drone equipment bag. Tough enough to withstand use on the road, on the hike, and through the entire party, the DVI Fly Drive’s hard outer shell combines the storage of the actual video drive along with the USB 3.1 cable interface that connects it to your Windows personal computer or Mac. One small storage device with a big memory makes taking your drone on the road much easier, especially for anyone who uses that drone for professional footage.

Seagate has plans to ship the DVI Fly Drive some time in the summer of 2017, making it the must-have for drone enthusiasts who are tired of carrying extra storage in a variety of devices. Use the DVI Fly Drive to store up to 60 hours of video footage at 4K resolution and select the Adobe Premiere Pro CC software to edit the footage directly from your Windows personal computer or Mac. The integrated micro SD slot makes the DVI Fly Drive unique among portable drone storage devices and its small size makes carrying this portable drive a simple task regardless of the drone pilot’s video location.

Information has not been released regarding the DVI Fly Drive storage sizes that will be available for purchase, but the $119.99 USD price tag means hefty data storage at a suggested price that is affordable for both drone enthusiasts and piloting professionals who require this type of storage for on-the-job transfers of video data. Drop the drone’s micro SD card into the DVI Fly Drive’s integrated micro SD slot, transfer the stored video to the external storage device, and get back up into the air quickly so that you do not miss a single shot.