March 24, 2023
parrot disco agriculture commercial market

Perhaps in response to yet another game-changer from DJI, French manufacturer Parrot has moved to slash its prices across its consumer drone range. Over the summer months customers can buy the Bebop 2 and the Disco FPV at discount prices.

Now that the DJI Spark has shifted the bottom end of the drone market, other manufacturers are having to rethink their pricing strategy. One of the first to move has been Parrot. The French company is now offering many of its consumer drones at much lower prices than normal.

Parrot’s whole range of drones is on offer

parrot summer sale disco

The most notable discount offered by Parrot is on the Disco FPV drone, a fixed-wing aircraft with a speed and flight time far exceeding every quadcopter on the market. Because of that, it’s been marketed as an FPV experience: Throw it into the air, put on your goggles and take it for a spin.

Having said that, it’s turned out to be something of a niche product: It’s not quite suitable for professional aerial photography, but certainly offers a unique experience for lovers of FPV.

The previous price for the Disco was $1,299. It’s now on sale for $799. And unlike models from other manufacturers, the Disco comes with the company’s Parrot Cockpitglasses and the lightweight and compact Parrot Skycontroller 2.

New deals on the Bebop2

Parrot’s Bebop2 is also on offer in several variations. Two ‘Adventurer’ packages give you everything you need and more to head out into the wild and get shooting straight away. Like the Disco, each now comes with the Skycontroller and FPV headset as standard.

The most expensive package is $579.99, down $250 for summer. The Bebop 2 can now be bought on its own for $349.

All of the Parrot drones on offer come with a 1-year warranty, 15 days no-questions-asked returns and free shipping. 

Parrot’s slow move away from consumer drones

parrot disco agriculture commercial market

The Parrot Disco can now be used for precision agriculture.

Not long ago Parrot announced that it would be releasing commercial versions of the Disco and the Bebop 2. Now that the consumer models have been effectively repurposed for the commercial market, it remains to be seen whether there will be new models targeting enthusiasts on the horizon.

The current Parrot sale ends August 31st 2017.