March 24, 2023
BMR-12.1 Clear Body from PROTOform

The player needs to enhance the steering from the BMR-12-equipped 1:12 bike, and now a new optimization option is available: basal metabolic rate – 12.1

In the new high-grip black CRC carpet, our team’s drivers found they needed to use the original BMR-12 extra extrusion steering. Additional tests have found that the elimination of the center fins and the change of the trim line greatly increases the rotation.

In both conventional and lightweight versions, the body basal metabolic rate – 12.1 competition is designed to be modified from a 1:12 category stock. The biology research team believes that the need for a companion body to invincible AMR-12 with many new types of racing carcasses appearing around the world. Attractive new design features aspect of the dispenser and enhanced diving aircraft in front of the fender to increase the front stiffness and reduce the body friction while the cab-forward cockpit improves the guidance.

Bmr-12.1 suitable for all EFRA / IFMAR, BRCA, roar and JMRCA body provide specifications and light weight. 020 years “polycarbonate experts and normal weight .030” novice. Like all the body of the body, it has a protective film, including a window mask and a decal paper.