March 26, 2023

Revell is a name that most people have over the years established a model toolkit to be familiar with. The company is not a modeling tool though and some cool new RC toys are on display at the fair. These RC toys fall into the Revell control X-treme line and feature several headphone style VR controls for remote vehicle characteristics control.

The car itself includes a virtual reality car, priced at € 109. It is a camera that sends life photos directly on the roof The driver can be worn by applying smart phones and smartphones that include a virtual reality headset on the face. Car, the speed can reach 25 km / h, used in the outdoors. It has an axle that appears in a car accident and can be reattached. The car also has an accurate servo-steering turning radius. Virtual reality cars will be launched in September.

Off-road vehicles back to February models can reach speeds of 25 km / h, winch work can improve vehicle barriers. It also has headlights and a lack of VR headphones to work, but is cheaper at € 79,99. Off-road vehicle “Hellgun” is for rugged terrain with servo-assisted steering allowing it to fight in rugged terrain, it will sell 39-year-old 99 euros.

Revell also plutonium green and accelerates to 25 km / h. It has a splash-proof chassis and sells for 59 years and 99 euros. The track reconnaissance has large tires for off-road vehicles and a price of 69 euros for 99 euros. Finally RC Swat SUV is God up to 25 km / h, suitable for use off-road vehicles. It has a blue light and sire rpie 79,99 euros.