March 24, 2023

If your way of thinking has some time to accompany your family or friends to school / work, Zhao starts with Call of Duty helicopter making it easy for you.

When we buy, everyone is excited to build it, and we find ourselves laughing and eventually combine in a very good way.

The large start-up 968 Call of Duty helicopter, this product makes the building time fun when you try to figure out which one, or how to fix it.

Large Start Call of Duty helicopter settings give you a better choice for some teamwork with friends or family. However, if you like, you can see for yourself how long it can take you to the ultimate beast helicopter.

The Ghosts Tactical Helicopter Set Includes 968 Pieces 

You can determine the best time to fix each of them. It’s a good way to spend some time after school with your friends or your mentor and get your kids busy after they complete their homework.

Action Figures with Movable Joints

No more block shaped figures with just a painted smiley face! The action figures in Mega Bloks Call of Duty Helicopter are more humanized with great details and movable joints making them pose able.

These figures easily sit in their seats and can hold the joystick as well. There are two facing seats at the rear of your helicopter and a panel between them with plastic clips that will allow you to display your weapons.
The action figures can hand midair with the repelling rope attaching to the floor.

Ideal For Both Teens and Adults

Mega-Bloks-Call-of-Duty-HelicopterThe manufacturers of the Mega Bloks Call of Duty Helicopter have put a recommendation age of 14-15 years but if you ask me, I would say it has no age limits except for those aged seven years and below.

The call of duty helicopter set includes flashlights, removable combat vest, walkie-talkie, digging tools, to name just a few. The call of duty helicopter offers an immersive and authentic plays and display experience to all Call of Duty fans through its highly detailed features.

It has extra fuel tanks to give you extra-long runs while allowing you to use its battery of missiles to launch aerial attacks.

Great Features and Details

Mega-Bloks-Call-of-Duty-Beast-HelicopteThe most amazing details include the wings lifts, movable landing gears (they have real rubber tires), and its exterior fuel tanks, among others.
If you have seen or owned other Blackhawks, you will be fascinated by this Mega Bloks Call of Duty Helicopter details. The rotor is amazing! With just a slight pull upwards, you will have the rotor spinning freely.

You can angle all the blades independently. When it comes to storage, the fold ability of the blades saves you space and despite it being a huge helicopter, you will need just a small space for storage or display.

Realistic Looking Final Product

Mega-Bloks-Call-of-DutyWith the highly detailed pieces, you end up with a so real Ghosts Tactical Helicopter. You can then drop your troops and have them fight your attackers in the thick of a battle.

The Mega Bloks call of duty Helicopter has wheels, fully rotating stowaway propeller, landing system (has real rubber tires) plus hinged tail gear. It also features authentic touches and pilot instruments.

When you open the canopy of your Ghosts Tactical Helicopter, you will reveal an interior compartment with seats at the front and rear and cockpit.

All you need is the enclosed instructions to help you build a Mega Bloks call of duty Helicopter.

Lengthy But Easy To Follow Instructions

If Mega Bloks Call of Duty Helicopter series is your first purchase, don’t worry about spending days before building your Ghosts Tactical Helicopter.

The manufacturers put every necessary detail down, and this makes it easy for everyone when putting the pieces together.

They tell you which piece should go where and how to fix every piece. So, if you get lost along the way, just turn to the instructions, and you will be good to go.


  • The whole set comes with 968 pieces to give you a real challenge but at the same time, giving you a great end product.
  • Highly detailed features that make your beast helicopter look so real
  • Action figures with moveable and pose able joints.
  • Foldable blades thus easy storage and display.
  • Detailed and easy to follow instructions.
  • Most realistic end product because of its great features and details.


  • The only thing one can complain about the product is its lengthy instructions. However, the manufacturers put everything to details to make its construction easy plus it’s easy to follow.