March 27, 2023

Last year’s launch of the Hover Camera Passport was a big moment in the emerging Selfie Drone market. Here was a drone that looked nothing like a drone. It was friendlier, less sinister and easy to use. It was expensive, sure, but not ridiculously so. In many ways it ticked all the boxes of a potential mass-market gadget.

It seems like Apple has bought, quite literally, into the hype surrounding the Hover Camera Passport. The unique, foldable selfie drone is now being sold exclusively in Apple stores. This isn’t the first time Apple has got involved in the growing consumer drone industry. It also has a retail arrangement in place for several DJI products.

To complement this groundbreaking new way to use a flying camera, Hover Camera Passport will be available exclusively on and in Apple stores in five countries and regions including the USA, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the UK. The Hover Camera Passport Apple-exclusive bundle retails for $499.95.

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The bundle contains the Passport, two batteries, a charger, a power adapter and a storage bag. Apple has confirmed that a select number of stores will be hosting demonstrations of the Hover Camera’s facial recognition and gesture control technology.

selfie drones hover camera

The Hover Camera, from ZeroZero Robotics

New features

ZeroZero Robotics’ first drone is portable, safe, and easy to use. And now the company is introducing the next stage in its evolution. New updates to the Hover Camera user interface will make it more accessible, while several changes have been made to ensure compatibility with Apple video.

Hover Camera Passport

The Specs

  • Auto-Follow: Tracks your face and body to always keep you in the picture, even on the go, by way of two Auto-Follow modes including Face Tracking and Body Tracking
  • Release & Hover: As soon as you let go, Hover Camera Passport hovers steadily in place to allow you to quickly and easily capture any moment
  • Portable: At just 242 grams, below the FAA 250 gram Hobbyist Drone Registration weight limit, Hover Camera is portable and convenient to carry for any photo worthy moments
  • 13 MP Photos & 4K Video: Capture and relive your memories in lifelike quality
  • 360 Spin: See a new perspective as Hover Camera Passport films a 360-degree panoramic video of you in your environment
  • Orbit: A brand new feature that captures a unique point of view by circling you to capture an iconic 360 degrees wraparound video, even while you walk
  • Safe: Hover Camera Passport is both fully enclosed in carbon fiber and boasts AI-based safety mechanisms to ensure the user and their surroundings are unscathed despite being flown indoors and out.
  • Self-Positioning: Using a combination of sonar, its downward viewing camera and artificial intelligence, Hover Camera Passport hovers in place so that it’s able to be positioned or repositioned ‘anywhere’ in space like an invisible tripod

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