February 4, 2023
Yuneec’s Breeze Flying Camera

Yuneec into the camera space flight, breeze flying camera, may be a home run this holiday. The Amazon is priced at $ 495, and this small, powerful UAV-boat technology packs less than a pound. It is convenient, compact, portable, easy and simple to fly. Powered by an iOS and Android device, the breeze is designed to fly both indoors and outdoors.

Don’t know Yuneec? Unlike many drone companies, Yuneec has been around for a long time. Founded in 1999, the company has 1,800 employees and promotes itself as the “world’s leader in electric aviation”. Last year, Intel invested $60 million in Yuneec. Many believe that Yuneec (along with Parrot) are the companies best positioned to successfully compete with DJI.

Camera: You can not ask for more unmanned aircraft at this price range: 13 pixels still at 30 frames per second plus 4 kph. The breeze has a resolution of three video settings:
•    UHD – (4K) 2160p@30fps without digital stabilization;
•    FHD – 1080p@30fps with digital stabilization;
•    HD – 720@60fps with digital stabilization.

As the Breeze does not have a gimbal, the settings which include digital stabilization are suggested.

Social Sharing: It’s easy to push your content (video or stills) to your favorite social site.  Along with the main ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube), there’s a long list of additional supported social sites. At present, it does not support Facebook Live (So Aunt Mary in Hoboken will need to wait a bit to see the video of the family Thanksgiving football game).

The App: Breeze Cam applications are free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Store. This application is easy to use and easy to understand. The new firmware is easily updated through the application (twice in the past two weeks). The responsive application provides a virtual joystick and intuitive.

Flight Time and Batteries:  The Breeze ships with two batteries and charger. It take about forty minutes to charge the battery fully.  Yuneec advertises that the Breeze has “up to 12 minutes of flight time.”

Portability: The breeze is built for tourism. It comes with its own carrying case. Its props are foldable and weigh less than a pound! Also included are propeller protectors (for indoor use) and a spare propeller.

It’s about the Family: The breeze is designed for families and, more specifically, family photos! The desire to capture events, holidays, sports and daily activities is at the heart of the breeze. To solve the problem generation, Yuneec offers four autonomous flight modes. The “Fly Camera” tag comes from these four options, each with no flying experience. Although most of the information about distance and height will use the default settings, these are configurable correctly.

1.    Journey Mode – With the pitch of the camera established, the Breeze will fly away from you and then back.
2.    Follow-Me Mode – This popular drone mode will do just as it says “follow-you”, actually following the GPS of your phone while maintaining a set altitude.
3.    Orbit Mode – The Breeze will orbit about you at a specified height and radius.
4.    Selfie Mode – Capture the selfie and share it!

Fifty feet over the pool in “Pilot Mode”