April 2, 2023

Drones are a better road construction industry paving the way.

Both and the national transportation authorities for the company are dedicated to new Drones projects not only for specific projects to provide more accurate data, but also save money, otherwise it will be put into manned aircraft flights.

his recent purchase of a DJI Phantom 4  has transformed his business model, leading to more contracts and driving down cost.

“When you contact to do a job that gives you a blueprint for the job, you will set the appropriate striping layout,” Andersen said in an interview. “Now, we have to unmanned aerial vehicles, photographed after the completion and overlap of the photos to the blueprint shows that the work is completed in full accordance with the plan requirements.”

Anderson also uses Mirage to survey his crew before starting a project at the start of the workday and showing the video so they “know the dangers, challenges, everything.” “When they are ready, the work is more efficient and they can continue to finish other work faster , “He added.

Oregon Department of Transportation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Deployment Road construction allows personnel to generate 3 d maps to reveal changes in terrain for any given project.

“In short, part of the Drones mission is to pursue everything in 3D,” ODN investigator Ron Singh said in a recent interview with Unmanned Systems. “We are trying to design and build a complete 3D world from 2D.We hope to help investigate the 3D terrain of Drones and to design a 3D map that includes all of the underground utilities on a site such as drainage and electrical wiring on trees in the ground And walls. ”

Singh added that the Drones flight was safer than multiple manned measurements: “This is a cheaper, faster way to move a sensor to the right position compared to a boom truck or a fixed-wing flight, in many ways and Safer-we does not need people to drop the bridge, but the unmanned aircraft flew to a location, it can capture some data.