March 27, 2023

ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom

Today, the German company TeAx Technology is unveiling its latest product development for the global, thermal drone market: Thermal Capture Fusion Zoom, the most lightweight dual camera with an RGB zoom factor.

“”, Michael Thoss, VP of Sales & Marketing at TeAx Technology says and he continues, “”.

ThermalCapture  Fusion Zoom is a dual  camera (thermal & visual) especially designed  for small drones. It stores full digital 14
– bit  radiometric thermal data as well as full digital  visual data  – both, completely aligned. With  its lightweight design and 10x times (visual)  optical zoom capability, it is the perfect and  very flexible tool for unmanned operations  within thermal mapping, security operations  but also high level industrial inspections. Live view comes via analog video (PAL) and HDMI.

And in fact, the new ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom beats all the existing: a dual camera with RGB and thermal sensors, which is so lightweight almost any small drone could carry. But the best part? Drone operators now have a 10x time visual zoom available. And it gets even better: There is also a feature to zoom within an overlay (RGB / thermal) of course also in real-time operations. That allows drone pilots to safely keep a distance from obstacles but still being able to get the details needed.

The technology takes a single file approach – where all data and information, such as RGB sensor data, thermal sensor data, GPS information and potentially other information – it actively reduces the amount of time during post-processing, compared to conventional, now obsolete approaches being out there. And Michael adds “”

The firm claims that pilots, operators and end clients can benefit from:

  • Greater detail
  • Increased safety, less risky drone operations – it also can save investment on drones and payloads, as potential crashes, caused by flying too closely towards obstacles, at least can be minimized
  • Significant increase of efficiency in post-processing (thanks to unique single-file approach from TeAx, which can save hours of work and therefore money)
  • Flexible and open interface, which allows users to integrate whatever is needed into the system

The new ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom increases safety for pilots and drones itself while they operate in harsh conditions. It provides more details than any other comparable solution out there. It actively safes time during post-processing and on top of all of this: it allows you to get connected due to its open interfaces.

You can find more information at the links below:

  • Download brochure for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom
  • Go to product website for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom

Frank Schroth

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