March 27, 2023
Drones are very popular at home and abroad, but in the face of high investment, many dealers have reservations about such products. In the past few years when the remote control helicopter first started to fire, through the cooperation with the local remote control competition club, the establishment of a coaching team to guide the consumer operation, invested a lot of financial, human and material resources, but as these consumers mastered the entry skills , Choose to buy online by yourself to make our initial investment in vain.
So now the enthusiasm for making RC drones is not high. After 2008, the types of toys became more and more colorful, and the channels for buying toys were more diverse. Among them, in addition to working on toy purchases, how to provide better services is also valued by more merchants, so that it is possible to expand the scale and open the market. The remote control toy market has bid farewell to the period of high growth, and the most affected are offline physical channels. Take a popular remote control car for children’s toys as an example. Today we have the price of 25 yuan that we have marked. The online store of the e-commerce platform may be marked with a lower price tomorrow.
In this way, consumers will buy those products with the same quality but lower prices. This situation became more apparent after the e-commerce channel became popular in 2012. For those of us who still insist on the sale of offline toy commodities, the impact and challenges are certainly greater than those who have begun to get involved in e-commerce. In this regard, the previous remote control toy can be sold for 200 yuan, and now the prices are lowering, especially in the face of e-commerce, the price reduction is more and more frequent.