March 26, 2023

If you want to choose the best mini RC helicopter. There are many factors to consider, and some offer attractive features and innovative designs. One of the advantages of purchasing a Mini Airplane is that it will be easier to fly in the room you can practice several times a day. At this point, you will be less worried about the weather conditions and various. Please allow me to introduce you to my Best Buy mini RC helicopter:


The heli seems to be tiny according to its design, but it is more powerful, stable and affordable too. Literally, you can beat the fun for less than 20USD.With this “bird” like shaped helicopter you are assured to achieve an unparalleled level of leisure.Hummingbird-Super-Mini-3.5CH-RC-Helicopter-With-Gyro-and-LED



  • It is a 3.5 channel remote control helicopter
  • Comes with a gyro system which offer the heli with more stability and agility level
  • It is easy to assemble and stable than other aircrafts
  • An installed LED light makes it more visible to see while it’s still flying
  • It has a super 10-15 meter control distance
  • The heli weighs 4.23oz/120g (It’s a portable heli indeed)
  • This 3.5 channel heli can fly Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Turn left and right
  • It is quite durable due to its well built structure
  • Includes a one USB charger thus it charges for 25 minutes and fly’s for about 6 to ten minutes


It is regarded as the smallest heli due to its size and weight. Besides, it is also the best mini RC that is most commonly used by experience flying hobbyists and novice as well.

For the price, I can simply say that it is a best buy remote control helicopter. With adequate supply of unique features, it can maneuver from one point to another thus you can fly two helis at similar intervals.SYMA-S6-Mini-3-channel-Remote-Control-Helicopter-Model-Airplane-Toys



  • It is responsive, lightweight and a small sized heli
  • Has unique packaging and controller is well thought out
  • Good thing is that it can withstand several crashes
  •  Number one of the top list affordable helicopters in the market
  •  The three channel remote control provides the aircraft with maximum speed and precision
  • Has 8 centimeter body length
  • The heli is designed with double protection in mind, such that when it is chocked it tends to power-off automatically.


I have had a chance to fly this best RC helicopter so as to find out why most customers love this shining aviation device. Since then,

I have never let it go and without a doubt, it is the coolest and awesome little device that I have nabbed for under $70.The best thing about this toy is that you can crash it several times and it will keep on flying.S107G-3-Channel-Mini-Indoor-Co-Axial-Metal-RC-Helicopter-w-Built-in-Gyroscope-Red-Blue-Set-of-2



  • Well-built structure and gyro for maximum balance
  • It has two main rotor blades: One spinning in the opposite direction whiles the other at the top.
  • It is regarded as beginner friendly helicopter since it is easy to control
  • For a full complete charge, you are assured to get 7-8 minutes flying time
  • The battery used tends to charge from the USB cable
  • It is a 3 channel helicopter: Up, down, forward, backward, left and right
  • The durable metal frame makes this heli to withstand crashes
  • The installed double circuit protection prevents the motors from burning out
  • It is a ready to fly aircraft


I would recommend this heli to those who want to move from the fixed pitch type of heli and try this collective pitch device.

Being the best buy remote control, you don’t have to make chances on the availability of spare parts. In fact, blades’ parts availability is magnificent. Besides, it is an easy to fly toy due to its size.Blade-300-CFX-BNF-Basic-Helicopter-BLH4650



  • It is easy to control and beginner friendly
  • The included servo geometry helps to keep the swath plate in motion
  • The carbon fiber frame prevents the heli from extra heat
  • It comes in red, black and white thus providing adequate visibility
  • It is quite robust and can survive minor crashes
  • The heli uses a 1350mAh battery and you can try a 2200mAh for a more balanced flight
  • The position of the FBL unit system that is placed on the upper back side helps in reducing the risk of vibration transmissions and it is easily accessible.
  • The Bend and Fly feature is magnificent


This Best Buy helicopter has more than 500 praise, just means that people generally known as the best mini RC helicopter. S108G is a copy of Ocean Cobra. The Sima brand has gone beyond the design and use terrible details such as the effective engine and cockpit.

Some RC helicopters have LED lights, but it seems a bit dark. However, the purchase of LED lights to install remote control helicopter is notch. In fact, it complements the overall look of the aircraft.Syma-S108G-3.5-Channel-RC-Helicopter-with-Gyro



  • The heli is well designed for both beginners and advanced pilots
  • Technically deigned to fly up, down, right, left, forward and backwards
  • The helicopter has about 10 meter control distance
  • Very responsive heli with combat gyro
  • It is a brushed aircraft and uses a Lipo Battery
  • The colorful flashing lights give you a vivid appearance to even fly the heli at night