December 6, 2022

Citing desire to save taxpayers money on his weekly golf outings to Mar-a-Lago, President Trump announced that he will be flying to his Florida resort via Air Drone One, an unmanned aerial vehicle that will carry him and only him (no room for the press!).

“This is going to save American taxpayers billions!” Trump exclaimed in an early morning tweet. White house officials indicated that Trump had established the GPS coordinates of the first tee and was confident he could take off and arrive safely as it did not require him to take the controls.

The manufacturer of Air Drone One has not been released but it is rumored to be Chinese firm eHang. Asked about this, Sean Spicer was clear he didn’t want to hear it. “It’s going to be a great step forward, OK? We don’t know who is manufacturing the drone but we do know the payload will not present a problem and, while there is not room for the press, there is ample room for the President’s golf bag.”

In related news President Trump announced that his son Baron Trump would be the new head of the FAA. “Baron loves planes,. No one loves planes more than Baron. He will be a great head of the FAA, believe me.”

FAA officials, who spoke anonymously because they were afraid the President might shut down their agency, voiced skepticism about the appointment. “Uh, it might not be a good idea. We have never had a 10 year old run a federal agency before,” one senior ranking FAA official said.


Frank Schroth

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