March 24, 2023

These two new drones are foldable.

Already very popular for their line of actual cameras that are interchangeable with many different brands of drones.

GoPro saw massive opportunity to have their own entry in the portable drone product line, and offered up the “Karma”, a foldable drone that effortlessly folds up into an easy-to-pack accessory.
karma_13.0When folded up, it is so flat and compact that it appears as a simple stepping stool, and the controller is similar to many other video-game styled models.

It’s all very small, and so small in fact, that we predict it will make major waves in the overhead inspection/real estate sector of commercial piloting.

As far as the hobbyist is concerned, the Karma will still have major pull in that it’s ease of use and ready-to-roll attributes after unpacking.

For now, the Hero 5 Black, 5 Session, or Hero 4 cameras are the ones that play well with the new Karma, and the camera is mounted on the front, instead of the bottom.

Although a totally new concept, the manufacturer claims it is placed there to assure that the rotors on the bottom stay out of the frame.

The Karma hits the shelves in a month: on October 23rd, you’ll be able to check out this new and powerful little foldable drone for yourself.

Many who have had experience with Dji’s extensive product line are excited about the controller for this one: drone companies are going to be making a huge effort to simplify the controls.

This model even has a completely new feature: there is a new separate passenger app where someone else can see the live video feed directly from the camera, and even themselves control the position.

Dji is set to release their own foldable drone this week, known as the “Mavic”. Considering their vast experience with product design and release, we are definitely wondering if this is what’s going to take the forefront as far as the demand for compact drones goes.

dji mavic

The appearance is a bit different: the props on the Mavic are more noticeable, but when folded up, it still looks incredibly compact.

The Mavic is set to be the Dji product line’s lightest foldable drone: at about 1.5 pounds, the second one up the line weighs another entire pound.

It doesn’t look like this will have a “throw and fly” option, which is what some consumers are most excited about.

That option is more for the hobbyist however: the true techie that wants to grab high-quality footage may not put as much weight on that feature alone.

As far as what we can tell from the images that have been leaked, the controller for the Mavic has the overall appearance of a car stereo, and is definitely sleek enough to have tons of appeal for those hungry for foldable drones to appear more and more futuristic.

It’s hard to say just how much preference pilots will have for these smaller models than their larger counterparts, but we have a feeling they are going to sizzle with appeal, and the two companies will be soon developing more mini models for 2017.