April 2, 2023


Drones are gaining ground where popularity is concerned at an incredible rate. Within the last 3 months alone there has been an increase of approximately 100,000 registered drones in the United States.

The Federal Aviation Administration has reported that in just as little as 15 months there have been over 770,000 registrations for drones in the United States, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

Back in December of 2015, it became mandatory to register certain classifications of residential drones by the FAA. In 2016 alone there were 1.1 million registered drones in the United States, with more than half of that number coming from the drones of hobbyists around the nation.


During the Consumer Electrics Show that took place in January of this year in Las Vegas Michael Huerta, the FAA’s administrator, noted that over 670,000 drone registrations were present at that time and place. This is an exceptional number that just goes to show how popular drones are really becoming and that we can expect much more in the way of technological advancements with them in the future.

During a speech that took place during the FAA’s second annual Unmanned Aircraft Systems Symposium recently, Michael Huerta had this to say about the progression and quick popularity that drones are receiving:
“We are currently ushering a new American aviation in, being the era of the unmanned aircraft. Compared to everything prior to drones and all that is similar, this is moving at a pace much faster than we initially thought it would.”

Drone registrations are expected to be as high as 3.55 million at least by the year 2021. This is based on the numbers that we are already seeing and the expectation that, with newer models and technology, the popularity will only grow and branch out more into the United States.

The Need for Drone Registration in the First Place

Some drone enthusiasts aren’t a fan of the regulations which require them to register their newly bought drone before they take their maiden flight, but it’s for the safety of everyone. Between 2013 and the time when the mandatory registration rule was in place, being December of 2015, there were approximately 920 near collisions between manned aircraft and drones.
Drone users must know that they cannot exceed a flight of 400 feet in the air on U.S soil. There are also No-Fly Zones that must be paid attention to, which includes flying within so many miles of the White House.

Because drone users are considered real pilots to a certain degree, registration rules are for the safety, and overall recorded number of drones within the country, of everyone.

The New Aviation Rulemaking Committee

The FAA is in the midst of launching their new Aviation Rulemaking Committee, which is compromised of law enforcement and aviation, tech, and law safety personnel. The idea here is to create standards that are for both tracking and identifying unmanned aircraft.


This is the result of hundreds of people, possibly thousands, refusing to register their drone. Those who do not believe in the registration process, and the minor fee that goes with it, are now going to be cornered into doing so for the safety of the general public and commercial aircraft.

Over 37,000 remote pilot certificates have been printed and issued thus bar by the FAA. This certification allows those to fly their drones in specific conditions for commercial purposes. This is also one of the many reasons why people refuse to register their drones in fear of being caught doing this.

The FAA has already begun testing certain tools that will aid in detecting any and all unauthorized drone operations, as well as other situations and flight paths that are critical for infrastructure.

The Popularity and Regulations of Drones

While a lot of people may be somewhat disappointed with all of the rules and regulations that have come out, and the new ones that are already coming into play, it’s important to remember that they exist for the safety of all.

Because drones are becoming some of the most popular tech pieces on the planet, there needs to be safety consideration present. But, above all, having fun and staying safe are the two most important aspects of flying a drone.