March 26, 2023


Just a decade ago, we were hardly able to envision owning personaldrones as toys or research devices that were able to suddenly dip underwater and still deliver stellar images, and have the ability to be carefully maneuvered by the owner or research team. But now there is new technology being developed in underwater drones that is making this all possible. Actually, some of these drones when they reach the surface of the water they can hover in the air and dive back in for unbelievable footage!

We already know how dazzling above-ground footage is, as we can see in this video of a drone flying over the snow-covered city of Budapest.

Underwater Drones

One project that was launched in September of 2015 is for the Trident underwater drone, manufactured by OpenROV. You can check out the details of the Kickstarter fund-raising and some of the features of this cool underwater toy Here, and see what you think of the form and features.

The manufacturer claims that one very cool feature is definitely how quickly it will be able to move, and the size still falls under the category of “portable”. This drone can dive down to 100m, and it’s top speed is 2 m/s. This drone also has three hours of life for run time, while some if its aerial drone counterparts don’t last nearly as long. The Trident is currently available for $949, and if you back them during this time, you can expect your model to arrive by mid-fall of 2016.

For drones that are in the skies, the FAA is already trying to make moves on airspace, and it is one of the heaviest debated topics among technology users and high-end consumers. In this article , you can check out some of the methods that may be used to take down drones everywhere from the mountains of Colorado to the open plains of Texas.

As the scope of where drones will be used changes frequently and the underwater realm is considered, it is hard to know just exactly where the common drone enthusiast will be able to use a drone, and if there will ever be a very large “clampdown” on what spaces are open season and what aren’t in the world’s waters.

Underwater Drones For Sale

1. Aquabotix HydroView Plus Underwater Drone

In the upper end of the pricing spectrum, you can find the Hydro View Plus, made by Aquabotix, with 16 gigs of memory and an orientation sensor. This is one Rolls Royce of underwater exploration, where you have at your fingertips a high definition video camera, and LED lights that employ motion control technology.

You can obtain live video, capture wildly vivid still shots, and immediately post images to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. You can actually control this gadget using your Ipad or laptop, and many boating enthusiasts use this to inspect their hull, and see what’s in the immediate vicinity.

This review here on Youtube shows some of the highlights of this object, and we definitely deem it one of the best and well-rounded in terms of applications.


2.Tayzu Quadra Underwater Drone

The Tayzu Quadra comes in at more of a mid-pricing point, at around $2,800. It has the ability to land and take off directly from the water, and those who are excited about drones for search and rescue missions will have a lot of mull over with this model.

For the task of making the device more stable, you can choose to upgrade to LIDAR or Optical Flow system, and the default camera type is the. The transmitter inside is a DSLRpros Futaba D8FGS, which is known to provide the user a very broad range of control and accessibility. The increased range for the flier is around 4,000 feet.

tayzu quadra underwater drone

3.Trident Underwater Drone

The Trident Underwater Drone is made by Open ROV, it is designed to be optimized for performance and usability in all types of situations. They have a unique, offset (hydrodynamically) thruster design which gives it a large amount of versatility. Check it out here.

The Design of the Trident is meant to be portable and durable. Carry it in your backpack to wherever you want to do underwater exploration!

For true underwater exploration, the Trident is probably going to be the most versatile all-around, and be the most practical as far as power supply and getting into truly deep-sea situations. The next year will probably provide some even more innovative options within this realm, and all drone enthusiasts will be watching, with their eyes glued discerningly to the high definition screen.