March 24, 2023

Now that we have covered the best drones of 2015, do not go ‘eeni meenie miney mo’ and start choosing just yet. Keep the following points in mind when purchasing your drone.

1. Budget

This is very important. Once you know how much you can spend, you can seek out the best quality drone in that price range. There are affordable ones and highly expensive ones, but either can work for you if you follow the next point below, namely Usage.

From toys to industrial-grade aircraft drones run the gamut indeed. Where the former sell for as little as $80 higher models like the DJI Phantom 2, for instance, can go for $900 while research-oriented models like the SkyBotix CoAx can go for a whopping $5000.

Serious videographers will appreciate what the more expensive brands can provide, but it all boils down to…

2. Usage

This details the very purpose of your drone; what you are going to use it for. Is it simply for recreational or relaxation purposes or do you have specialized and professional uses for your drone?

Live streaming of videos, tinker and/or modifying components to create your own hybrid drone, real estate landscaping, research data gathering, and so on are some of the uses drones can put to.

If you know what you want to do with a drone, you can find a drone to do what you want it to.

3. Laws & Regulations

This is crucial to drone owners. Do not be radical and think you can trespass into unauthorized air space or other locations in the hope of looking cool on YouTube. You can quite justly be arrested for such things; and that will not look so cool.

National Park services, government and military holdings, private spaces, and so on are off limits no matter what kind of drone you own. Stay compliant and respectful of other people’s privacy and you can go on droning for years to come.

4. Maintenance

Your drone is not a piece of cyber-tech from the distant future, though many of them do look the part. They are machines and as such require regular maintenance.

Wind shear and other weather-related damage, accidents, scrapes and dents, the need to replace parts, and so on are some of the things you need to read and educate yourself on about your drone.

Not only will this move save you time and disappointment down the line, it will also save you hundreds in expenses.