April 2, 2023

There’s little point in flying a selfie drone if you can’t share your pictures with friends and family, right? Good news for Yuneec Breeze owners today, as the Chinese manufacturer has announced live streaming capabilities through the Yuneec app.

In a short statement on the company’s Facebook page, Yuneec has stated that a new software update will give Breeze pilots the ability to stream directly to Facebook and Youtube, among other social media platforms. This will open up a world of opportunities for Breeze pilots, not to mention an easy source of free advertising for the company itself.

For a drone that was designed to be used by the social-media savvy, this development has been a long time coming. The statement reads:

“With the Breeze you can [now] live stream to Facebook, YouTube, or your preferred output using Real-Time Messaging Protocol, making the product even more convenient than before. Whether you’re interacting real-time with your followers, sharing the game winning play, or connecting with your family abroad, Breeze lets tell your story, your way “live” with those you care about most. Share your experiences with your social audience as they happen.”

The move will allow pilots to record sound through a mobile device alongside footage from the Breeze, so look out for plenty of narrations on your newsfeeds.

The full update includes:

• New feature on Breeze Cam App, available on iOS and Android
• Stream in 720p HD
• Instant interaction with audience
• Facebook, YouTube, Real-Time Messaging Protocol compatible
• Video recording via Breeze drone
• Audio recording via mobile device
• Ability to name live stream recording

Live streaming with Breeze!

Testing the new Live Stream function on Yuneec Breeze!

Posted by Trent Siggard on Monday, April 10, 2017

The Breeze was a 2016 entry to the consumer market from Yuneec, one of the main competitors to DJI’s dominance. Last year, Intel invested $60 million in the company, although there have been subsequent cuts to its American presence. The Breeze has been a clear attempt to take a hold of the emerging selfie drone market sector. If recent leaks suggesting that DJI is planning its own (relatively) low-cost drone turn out to be true, Yuneec could be in for more trouble in 2017.

The Yuneec Breeze, now complete with live streaming capabilities, is available now for $449.

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