March 24, 2023

Yuneec has both released and launched their new capability to live stream using the Breeze. Users will now be able to share their flights and stories live on multiple social media platforms and show everyone what their drone is truly made of.
Users can now use Facebook and YouTube, two prime examples of mass social media websites that are perfect for such a purpose, to stream their live feed of their in-flight Breeze.

This new capability allows them to share real-time footage with their followers, connect to other drone users based on where they are broadcasting, and even do tutorials on how to do tricks and other useful information that can help novice drone users improve and further their flying skills.

The Details of the Software Update

To get access to this new live stream capability, Yuneec Breeze users will have to go through the motions of the latest software update.

However, if you do not have automatic updates enabled, which is done through Yuneec’s Breeze App, you can go to the Google Marketplace or the Apple App Store and download the most current version of the application.

If you do have automatic updates enabled in the Breeze App you can log in and the software update will begin to install for you.

The New Live Stream’s Features


Interestingly enough, the new live stream capability for the Yuneec Breeze won’t just be the ability to share your real-time feed to social media platforms. You’re also getting a handful of features, as well!

You will be able to stream in 720p HD resolution and have instant interactions with your audience. You can also use the new Real-Time Messaging Protocol feature with compatible social media platforms, including both Facebook and YouTube, and can record your live feed while streaming at the same time.

In fact, you can both record your audio and your live feed through your smartphone or compatible device, including an iPad, for example, and through the Breeze drone itself. You can even name your live stream recording, too!

Yuneec Breeze and the New Live Stream

The Breeze by Yuneec is controlled through your smartphone or compatible device through the Breeze App. It’s available for both iOS and Android, and, thanks to this new live stream capability, this drone is definitely